Sunday, March 21, 2010


Saturday I spent the majority of the day on my porch. It's not the most beautiful space, but the weather was amazing, I had a good book, a cup-o-coffee and no obligations. I decided to simply enjoy the day. Enjoy the moment. Be one with the bliss and peace around me.

Stopped for a minute to pay some attention to my own feet. The very feet that carry me through the days' adventures. I put them up and let them rest. After all, they deserve a break too! They're under appreciated. Those feet. They endure so much; high heels, boots and tiny rock climbing slippers.

Yep. That's a wonderful spring morning for you. Bright and full of gnomes. As it should be.

Later, my neighbor came out and we talked about his job in forestry. He works in many of the sites that AWash is doing her research in. It was fun to compare notes and experiences on the locations and what we thought of the current best practices.

As dusk approached, I continued to sit on the porch. With my glass of wine, I watch one of the parking lot cats saunter through their territory. Stopping briefly to watch some TV through someone's open window. I secretly hoped she would come up and join me. Instead, she continued on her patrol. I observed from a distance. I then proceeded to watch my other neighbors and the various birds settle in for the night. Some families came in for the evening. One with their three kids. Clearly tired from a day of enjoying the sunshine. I created stories for their lives. I laughed and cried with their triumphs and failures. I watched them grow.

I turned back to my book and slipped away as did the perfect Saturday sunshine.