Saturday, September 6, 2008

adult minus the dull

This week it has really hit me that I'm an adult now. I gave a talk at the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art this past Thursday on Water as a Metaphor for Identity. My talk was on women's activism around water politics in India. TB, Kite, and Jimi Hendrix also spoke. We all kicked ass. It went remarkably well. So many people that I know and love were there to cheer us on. It meant the world to me. Almost everyone from the India trip was there. It was wonderful to see everyone and reminded me how much I love them. Greenie called me the next day and told me people were taking notes on my portion of the program. WHAT I HAD TO SAY WAS NOTE WORTHY!  Perhaps I can do this academia thing after all.

Today Karebear, Greenie and I went to Jacksonville to taste cakes and have Greenie try on her wedding dress and make sure it fit. I cried when we walked in to the bridal shop. Tears of joy and pride. I can't believe the little girl I met 10 years ago is a beautiful woman and getting married. She looked so beautiful. Karebear cried too. We looked silly I'm sure, but couldn't help it.  Abe Lincoln is going to have a heart attack when she walks down the aisle to be tied to him in holy matrimony.

That's all for now. Botany classes are going amazing well. I was learning how to identify leaves in Taxonomy Lab Friday and was geeking out... hard.  I'm very proud of my inner geek, I embraced it long ago.

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