Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Sometimes people surprise me in the most interesting ways.  Yesterday was one such case.  I wish I could fully describe it and explain why yesterday was such a lovely day.  It felt like it wasn't one day, but several.  So much can happen and change in a day.  People can surprise you, while others can remain highly predictable and frustrating.  Yet they exist in the same space.


I'm slowly working on a few felting projects.  I'm knitting the piece first, then turning the beautiful wool into felt.  There is one skein of  yarn that I'm in love with as is.  I'll post a picture of it very soon.  I'm currently trying to figure out what to do with it to keep the properties I love so much, but make it a practical and functional piece.  I love the yarn unknitted for its colors and soft feather-like texture.  A melting of sage green, soft grey and hits of light browns and egg shell.  I knitted it into a swatch and was disappointed with the outcome.  I felted the swatch, and was only slightly satisfied.  I shall solider on.  Any suggestions as to what to do with it would be lovely.


There has been a lack of beautiful found metal in my life lately.  Perhaps I've just been too busy and not paying attention to the ground around me, but nothing glittery has really caught my eye.  I have refound several bits while cleaning up my desk, apartment, and emptying out bags.  Its almost as if I foresaw this slight lull and created a treasure hunt for my future self.  Which would be rad if I had purposely done that.  Perhaps I need to devise surprises for future Liz.  I think she'd like that.

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