Monday, April 27, 2009

tangental thoughts

I'm currently attempting to study for an exam.  Clearly.  Actually, I'm continually refreshing a page on my computer to see if I've passed my other exam I took Saturday morning... and honestly it's killing me.  They posted the exam answers, but of course my trusty computrex will not read the file.  Oh technology!  The anticipation is just too much, so I burst into tears earlier this morning.  Thankfully a friend curbed that with a heaping dose of creepy humor.  What the hell is google thinking with its latitude program!?  I don't want people to know where I am at all times.  It's unnecessary.  And makes it even more difficult to be sneaky, which I have enough problems with as is.  Unfortunately small size does not directly correlate with ninja like abilities... or so I've been informed.  This informant may just be full of shit though.  Probability is high.  


Birdface's friend/cage mate/real mate Sweety has been laying eggs since early March (the pair have been living together for three years and never seemed to like each other until loudly mating during a dinner party of mine).  She laid her latest yesterday afternoon.  We're up to six.  I take them and dispose of them.  I did feel somewhat conflicted and terrible because I was essentially aborting their children, but the past several eggs have been cracked or damaged in some way so I don't have to feel too bad about removing them.  Sweety must be taking care of them herself.  I kind of want a good one though, so I can blow the goo out and have one of the shells.  They are quite beautiful.  Perfect tiny spheres of creamy... eggshell... white.  Like mentos colored.  Great candy, but I can't eat it anymore because all I can think of is parakeet eggs.  

Hanners informed me that everyone in my life got together and has plotted to be happily coupled to spite me.  According to her, birdface and sweety are in on this plot.  Ass holes.  Seriously.  Sometimes they cuddle in my presence which only enrages me more because I spend a good chunk of time trying to convince friends to cuddle and that it wouldn't be weird or anything.  Completely normal.  Everyone's doing it.


The rents went to New Orleans for Jazz fest.  I'm so insanely jealous.  I WANT TO GO TO JAZZ FEST!  Mostly for free... which is how attending things with the rents works.  You know, since they have the job things that I don't have.  Speaking of which.  I've applied for 30... and only heard back from one.  It was a rejection... but at least I heard something.  I didn't really want to teach small children about the environment.  Stupid children and their stupid tiny hands.


Upside to life:  I have a Sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua) sapling.  I acquired it by walking through an Earth Day festival on Wednesday.  It's currently sitting on a table in my living room, being awkwardly tall... about 2 feet and adorable.  It's in a little pot but will soon be in a bucket so I can take it to my next place of residence.  The people at this current location have proven they suck and are not qualified to have such a beautiful parting gift from me.  At our old apartment at La Cucaracha, Greenie, well she's now Heckatron, planted a banana tree outside our door.  My roommate's little brother lives in our old place now and said it'd gotten about 2 feet tall... and then the grounds crew chopped it down.  I hope the place is bulldozed soon.  I should do something obnoxious to the landlord again.  Like when he complained to us that for some reason wild birds pooped on the sidewalk outside our place, I hung pine cones covered in peanut butter and birdseed outside our door to encourage the continuation of such behavior.  Needless to say, Ray and I didn't get along.  


I'm going to clean the fridge.  Something smells terrible in it... per usual.

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