Monday, May 18, 2009

new love

Proof that if you do enough complaining and whining, sometimes people listen.  For my birthday/early graduation I received this little beauty.  It's a Trek 1.2 Women's Specific Design.  Nameless as of yet, mostly because she's so bad ass she needs an equally bad ass name.  To learn more about her details/specifications check out the Trek website.

Dad and I took her out for a spin on the Suncoast Trail yesterday for a quick trip.  She's amazing.  I'm so lucky and loved.  I can't even describe how happy I am about acquiring this new bike.  I would have been fine with another used bike, but this... I couldn't ask for more.  I'm a well kept woman.  No getting around that.

Dad was also telling me yesterday about Aquaman races.  They are triathlons minus the running.  Which is perfect for me since my bum ankle doesn't allow me to run anymore.  So far they are only at the Ironman distances but its only a matter of time before they make them on the smaller sprint levels.  I can do the sprints now, I just need to be part of a relay team or convince someone to do the run portion.  Oh and I need to get into shape... even though round is a shape, it's not one I like being in.  


On a different note, Friday I had my first interview of the long job hunt process.  It went well, even though I don't feel I'm going to be hired, it was a wonderful experience.  The non-profit was Corporate Accountability International.  They do wonderful work on several campaigns against corporate abuse of food/health, water, and tobacco use.  I would have been most interested in working on the water campaign but that wasn't what I was interviewed to work on.  Back to the drawing board.  I'm just happy to be re-energized about this process.

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