Saturday, May 30, 2009

change, change, change

A friend moved away today.  The first of many.  Well, not exactly the very first.  Several have moved away before and while it was sad, it was oddly different.  This is a mark of the beginning of a transitional period for me.  Part of me would like to remain stagnant in this space I've created here.  


Yet, even if I remain still, the rest of the world will not.  It will continue to morph and transform into something new every second of every day.  Whether I participate in that transformation or not.  Coming to terms with this newness is going to be difficult.  And I often question if I'm strong enough to take on this challenge.  I'll have to be.  There is always something to learn from every experience.  The good.  The bad.  The ugly.  The profoundly beautiful.

It's happening.  Embrace it.  Play with it.  Make it into your own.  Be excited about the new experiments and discoveries lying just around the bend.  New surprises and adventures.  Words of wisdom I'm having a difficult time swallowing.

Hello, new stage of life.
Hello, new chapter.
Hello, first careers.  Real jobs.  Salaries.
Hello, friends' weddings.
Hello, children.
Hello, next phase of the journey.

World, please be patient with me.  I'm just a little scared.

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