Thursday, July 2, 2009

the world keeps spinning

This week has been hectic for me.  I started work Tuesday and a new class Monday.  Both are wonderful and going to be challenging/fulfilling.  Coupled with the stress of moving at the end of the month, finding a new place, getting my finances in order, etc, I've been quite strung out with anxiety and things to do.  To alleviate that anxiety, I've escaped by watching a short movie or TV show while spinning.  It's more about the spinning than the TV.  The TV is just noise, pictures, something to stare at.  Since I haven't acquired a wheel yet, I've been perfecting my drop spindle skills.  My threads are becoming more uniform.  I can make them thinner and more delicate than I used to.  The small amount of control I can have over my threads and the fibers calms me down.  The spinning of the spindle reminds me of how fast I'm flying through this summer and how much progress I've made personally and professionally.  I'm quite tickled with myself.  

Drop spindle with Merino Wool Top

Spindle with Blue Faced Leichester Top

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