Tuesday, October 21, 2008

death of the american dream

As I sat outside writing a paper on my chic little mac, enjoying a beautiful fall day here in Gainesville, I took a small break to read one of my favorite blogs, Sweet Juniper.  Today it wasn't the usual adorable tales of the socially conscious stay-at-home dad, that make me dream about one day having children of my own and contributes to the fantasy construction of the hypothetical father of my future children.   It was about one of his solitary adventures to an abandoned school in Detroit.  My heart broke into a thousand little pieces and I wondered how people can so easily overlook  the poverty and despair that exists here in our own country.  How do so many different wolds exist within each other?  Why are some more visible than others?  Why has the distribution of wealth become so very skewed and lop-sided?

I thought more about it.  About Michigan's crumbling struggling economy in the shadow of the dying American auto industry.  About the corruption of Detroit's government and public officials that is often the butt end of jokes.  And I shed a tear.  Is this a preview of where America is heading?  Is Michigan just the beginning?  

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.  Change is coming.  Perhaps there are more beautiful days ahead.  

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