Sunday, December 21, 2008


After the whirlwind that was the past four months, I'm finding myself having a difficult time knowing where to start again on this blog.  I could finish the India journal entries.  I could explore all the interesting fiber art related things I've been doing.  I could write about some of the hilarious things that have happened to me in my attempts at dating and navigating life... but I'm just not feeling any of  that right now.  I'm mentally and physically drained.  I feel that I should restart this blogging habit since I've finished my semester and have time, but the thoughts/ideas seem stuck.  I know they're there... and have been nagging me, yet they appear to have accepted their lot and don't want to budge due to prolonged occupation of my mental back burner.  

I suppose I will attempt to reboot, restart, and do some reorganizing.  

Stay tuned... I will be back, just another slight delay.

On a side note:  I hope this Holiday finds you safe, warm and surrounded by loved ones.  I'm looking forward to the band new shiny year and all the adventures it has in store.

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