Sunday, February 15, 2009

important things

I've learned some very important things today... some were intentional and school related while others were everyday matters.  They are as follows:

1. Event: Spilled red wine  
Logical Lesson:  Put glasses of red wine in the kitchen when finished with them.  Especially if they still contain dark red liquid.  
Actual Lesson:  Red wine looks like blood splatter/pooled blood from CSI... remember for haunted apartment idea for next halloween. 
Side Note: Stains light yellow walls as well as white shirts.  Get satin finish for paint next time so can wipe things off easier.

2. Event:  Neighbor being stupid
Lesson:  Make sure neighbor is completely out of earshot before laughing at him.  Also look through peep hole when you hear him come up the stairs for bonus hilarity.

3. Event:  Talking to oneself.
Lesson: Do it more in public (people don't ask you about your relationship with Jesus if they think you're crazy), less in the library.

4. Event:  Chick flicks
Lesson:  When feeling sad and depressed, don't watch them.  Especially if they have Vince Vaughn in them... then end up being sad and angry.  Also possibility at wanting to break TV.

5. Event: Cleaning
Lesson:  Join a fraternity so pledges clean your house like stupid neighbor... pledges generally don't find it amusing if you ask them to clean your apartment... especially if your not in the fraternity...

Bonus Material:
Observation:  Its difficult for me to take displays of hypermasculinity seriously when they are done alongside the playing of Journey.  Even harder when displays include singing along to Journey... 

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