Friday, July 25, 2008

for Erin

I was procrastinating working on productive things because that is what I do... and decided to camp out in front of my living room bookshelf.  This was prompted by a very unacademic note in my journal from India saying "Who the fuck is Thomas Hobbes?  Why the hell should I care?"  It seems I was irritated about not know very much about T. Hobbes other than he was an old British dead guy.  After Wikipediaing the political philosopher, I decided he might have had some ok ideas, but was way uncool and Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes was way cooler.  Maturity and logic never fail me.  So after an hour of reading Calvin and Hobbes on my living room floor, I came across the above and thought of Erin.  My adventure buddy, who I am missing terribly.  I suppose this is what it was like when I was gone.  Luckily she'll be home soon.  We have plans to go to a industrial junk yard (which will be WAY rad) when she gets back.  I'm excited.  I love treasure.  Maybe one day I'll be a pirate like the junk lady.

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Erin said...

giggle. print. post.