Monday, July 21, 2008

note for the scientist in us all

I'm currently working on fixing my camera to post the 500 pictures I took of the trip.  My camera unfortunately gave up early on in my travels.  Luckily, like all other material things in my life during those 6 weeks, we shared cameras.  We did collective photography.  Meaning we're sharing all our pictures from the trip.  Some people are still adventuring through India, so the collection will not be complete for sometime.  Perhaps mid to late August.  I'll post the link when it becomes available.  I know the curious mind wants to know what the things I'm describing look like.  Never fear.  I've got you covered.

Also, birdface says hello.  He's been my faithful assistant overseeing the posting of my journal from atop my laptop screen.  His tail has grown back so he doesn't look so stupid anymore.  I missed him terribly.

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