Saturday, July 26, 2008

journal entry: june 7, 2008

Vandana Shiva just spoke to us about what to expect and things to pay attention to on our trip into the hills.  I must say, I'm still awe struck and amazed at her speaking ability, knowledge, and genuineness.  I was secretly worried that I'd be highly disappointed upon meeting her like I was after hearing/meeting bell hooks.  I was afraid I'd come away with the cheated discouraged, deflated feeling.  But I didn't.  I'm still as inspired and moved as ever by her work and words of wisdom.  I'm so glad such an incredible human being has had such a profound effect on my life.  

During her talk she discussed the two main issues that need to be examined and addressed in terms of the effects of corporate globalization:

1.  It's not about how much you earn, but how much you spend.
She basically redefined poverty basing it on access to resources and community support rather than monetary wealth.  Through traditional knowledge and skill building, people can provided themselves with almost everything they need.  It's not about if you can buy a house, but can you build one.
2.  Keep alive possibilities and options.
This is the most radical approach available against corporate globalization and privatization of the commons.

The take home message was to "grow alternatives from the bottom up."  Many of her examples such as shared meals, resources, knowledge, etc, reminded me of spending time with Erin and friends.  I miss them all right now, I'll try to call later tonight.  I'm more determined than ever before to somehow start a community/collective farm living situation in the US.  Modeled after Navdanya, but adapted for the context, where ever that may be.  Add that to the list of goals and changes I'd like to make upon returning... perhaps I should start such a list.


We started classes yesterday, unfortunately I didn't get a chance to write about it because I volunteered to stay the night with Hanners in the hospital.  She was severely dehydrated and such.  I volunteered for two reasons:
1.   I was genuinely concerned about her and wanted to do something.
2.  I wanted to see and Indian hospital.
While it wasn't as desperate as I had imagined, it was rather basic.  I didn't sleep well at all due to waking up every hour to check on Hanners, chase down a nurse to change the IV, read labels and expiration dates, and observe the opening of new sterile equipment.  She's doing much better as far as I can tell.  She had some color in her face again when I was relieved this morning.  She's really disappointed that she won't be able to go on the excursion tomorrow.  I don't blame her, but I also don't think travel would be a great idea.  Especially since there aren't suppose to be facilities if she relapses.  Aside from her not feeling well, we bonded.  I like Hanners.  She's hilarious, even when she's sick.

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