Tuesday, January 20, 2009

new day

Today I awoke to a the crisp cool, who am I kidding... COLD, January morning.  It felt like Christmas when I was a kid.  You know, full of  excitement and anticipation of the mysteries that lie in the other room.  Full of promise and hope.  Not like later when come to find out Grandma got you the same odd ugly socks/slippers this year (which I am currently wearing two of, they may be hideous but they are warm) or Dad pulls the head off your new favorite Barbie and he smashes her head back on to stop the tears (I didn't have brothers, but I had my dad).  For that first moment you forget about the ugly socks or headless/neckless Barbie and reveal in the magic that is Christmas morning at age 8.  This morning felt just like that because today we get a shiny new president.  Not yet corrupted or hardened by the shitty nation he is taking over.  Still full of promise, hope, and change.  Which are also incidentally the very words that got me hooked on the Obama drug.  Honestly I had to contain myself from jumping on my roommate and waking her up to enjoy the magic with me at 7:00 this morning.

Obama might not ever live up to all the hype, I mean there's SO MUCH HYPE, but for right now, I can put that all aside and enjoy the fact that Bush is gone (and will be the first president not to have secret service for life.... oh sweet revenge.) and with any luck will start eating pretzels again. 

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