Monday, January 26, 2009

tiny ball of fluff

My friend's roommate got one of these little guys recently so naturally I had to inspect.  Best part: I GOT TO HOLD IT!  This is not it above, but looks sort of... not really... like it.  It's the same thing... only all grey.  It's name is Cricket and I just loved holding it.  It's so little and fits in the palm of my hand.  You know how some people act around REALLY cute babies.  Yeah I don't do that.  I do that over tiny hamsters and other critters.  I've been going a bit crazier than usual over animals lately.  I think I like them better than most people.  I've also been ridiculously cuddly lately and birdface will not cuddle.  Seriously, I've been trying extra hard lately.  He's having none of it.  He doesn't have too much of what I want most out of cuddling... body heat.  I'm so glad it's suppose to be warmer this week.  It's Florida for Pete's sake!  

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