Thursday, August 7, 2008


Dear University of Florida,

Something new and interesting has presented itself.  While I'm quite pleased with the changes you've made to your virtual library, I even more displeased with modifications made to the physical library.  Typically during finals week(s) you're kind enough to extend library hours past their usual midnight and give us an extra hour.  Yet I was just startled by an announcement that informed me the library will be closing at 11:00pm.  That's not very nice University of Florida.  I thought we were trying to work out our differences?  Are budget constrains such that you must take away an hour from my library time?  I'm not ok with this new turn of events.  I don't like that you didn't inform me.  I'm hurt.  The library is the one place on campus I'm actually giddy to go to.  I prefer to work amongst the great scholars that line the shelves.  It makes finding things easier.  And now that I'm stressed, you take that small luxury away from me.  

Fine.  I now understand that this is how we're going to go into our final year together.  I have just one thing to say:

You're going down bitch.

Love always and forever,

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