Sunday, August 3, 2008

secret message - keri smith

Sometimes I need reminders like this one.

I've felt so much lately that my world has been falling apart.  But it's not.  And neither am I.  Love, friendship, compromise, tenderness are the glue that hold me together.  Every once in a while, I think I need to step back and really look at what matters.  The many people that I don't tell enough how important they are to me.  The same ones that pick me up when I fall.  Come over at the drop of a hat to comfort me.  Meet me for coffee just because.  Go to the museum with me when I feel depressed.  Let me rant and bitch about petty things.  Laugh with me on the phone and help me realize how silly I am.  Let me tell them I love them even if it seems a bit strange to say to a friend.  Let me cry over nothing, because they know it just needs to come out finally.  

The world is still very much in one piece.  Things are just look a bit different these days.

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