Thursday, April 17, 2008


After several years of blogging absence, I've decided to try this again.  When I was younger I had a livejournal where I left thoughts, experiences, and bits of love.  Now five years after scrapping the practice, I've found myself journaling in my word processor again and longingly reading friends blogs.  I type much faster than I write and can manage to get all my thoughts out before they flutter away.  It's quite frustrating when there are so many thoughts bursting to get out, but they seem to escape before you can place them in a neat little jar, box, or bag.  Sometimes these thoughts hang around my head and follow me on my adventures.  Sometimes I get out my imaginary butterfly net and attempt to recapture them.  Most of them are quite slippery and remain aloof, only to resettle back on my face as I'm trying to fall asleep at night.  

I should introduce myself before simply diving into my quirks and 'feisty' daily activities.  I'm currently a Botany and Women's Studies student at the University of Florida in the beautiful town of Gainesville.  I'm finishing up my third year and have managed to prevent the university from making me graduate early.  That said, I have a year left before I receive my BS & BA.  What I plan to do after that hasn't quite been captured from my floating cloud of thoughts.  Several beginnings of plans exist, none of which I'm too set on.  I like the idea of taking time off to explore and learn more about myself.  I'm in no rush to enter the labor force full time; I could happily be a waif for a while, or teach (which is something I've toyed with on and off since I decided not to go the pre-medicine route).  I have a twin sister (fraternal) who is a geology student in Georgia.  I'm extremely close to my twin.  She's my best friend and often saving grace.  I'm not at all religious, but I do find religious traditions fascinating.  I'm particularly interested in Hindu traditions and what I've categorized as 'Eastern fairy tales'.  I probably shouldn't have started this blog now because I'm going to India in little over a month.  But I woke up today and after about an hour of fighting to accept that reality was once again real, decided something new and wonderful needed to happen today.  Something fresh and unspoiled.  Hence the emergence of my blog.
Much of my frustrations come from the fact that I date.  I usually mess potentially delightful situations up, although, those are also few and far between.  Recent adventures have provided evidence for the validity of that last statement.  I'm a very passionate and opinionated.  I often say things I'm feeling without considering consequences or implications of my statements.  I don't sugar-coat things.  I don't hold back.  I'm rather intense most of the time.  

I have wonderful friends who I'll probably describe often.  We go on many adventures.  Some are elaborate and day long, others only a few hours or even several minutes.  Usually on bikes or on foot.  Sometimes in cars, or boats, occasionally on airplanes.  I've been trying to look at life as a series of adventures and exciting experiments.  The results may be wicked cool, and getting there is half the charm.

I also have two parakeets named birdface and sweety.  birdface is a little blue and white bird, who the source of much of my inspiration, joy, and frustration.  He whispers sweet nothings to me and then chomps down on my lip resulting in me flinging him across the room.  sweety is a rescue from a previous roommate who did not love or care for her like I do.  While sweety is not as affectionate as birdface or myself,  she is wonderful in her own special way.  I often envy their ability to fly.  I don't clip their wings mostly because I feel its terrible to take their magic powers away from them.  I sometimes take birdface's rejected feathers and pretend I can fly.  I sing and dance for birdface when no humans are around.  I don't like people to judge, although I tend to be judgmental myself at times.  I'm working on that.  If I could have any super power I would fly in hopes of being more graceful and beautiful like birds.  

Today's blog must come to a close for now.  Perhaps I'll edit it later and add more on, but for now I need to go check on my germinating lettuce seedlings in lab.  I hope this new experiment of blogging produces lovely results.

Oh, and by the way, I'm listening to PonyUp! a great band I recommend checking out.


Pete said...


facebook told me you began a new website, so i went to it... and then to comment i went though all the trouble of digging up my old account, and then transferring it to google and blah blah blah...

anyway, you are an interesting person, so i am sure this blog of yours will be, too. i'll be reading it, so don't let me down...

also, i haven't seen you in forever. i'm leaving for gainesville tomorrow for the weekend, and i think that while i'm there we should visit some. maybe eat something?

Erin said...

hello miss liz, so glad you've begun again.