Monday, April 21, 2008


I talked to Jdawg last night.  I called because I had been procrastinating and looked up information on nematodes as a biological control for fleas.  I was right, and it could possibly work for his problem controlling Dog’s fleas if the soil moisture is constant enough.  The nematodes used as flea control are a different species or type than the ones that bite plants, people and furry woodland critters.  It was a pleasant enough conversation, although I had butterflies in my tummy during the entire thing.  On my way to class this morning, I noticed his car parked outside my place.  He didn’t use my lot Friday for whatever reason, but it was there today.  His jeep still had its doors off, so I jumped inside and made a post-it smiley face on the steering wheel.  I probably shouldn’t have, but I was feeling extra mischievous this morning.  In this instance doors would be highly useful for keeping people/things, like mischievous women, out.  I can’t help but think of surprises I’d like to do for him even though I’m trying to just be friend-like.  I pick things up and secretly plot to put them in his pockets next time I encounter him.  Most of the time I just put them in some jar or container and add it to my junk collection, but the thought always crosses me mind.  Since I feel that the universe controls things that I can't,  I’ve given my feelings up to the universe to decide what to do.  My feelings will either fade, or something new will arise.  After all, nothing is permanent and life is a dynamic, evolving experiment.  Maybe I’ll get unexpected results from this new approach.  At the very least, I simply won’t think about it anymore.  At this point, either result would be welcomed.

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arReMGee said...

i like this approach. i hope it serves you well.

also, i love surprises! i think leaving little bits and pieces of whatever for people is so fun. and if someone slipped something into my pocket for me to find later that would be the best! excellent idea.