Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I'm extremely burnt out.  I'm over this semester, which unfortunately is not over with me until Friday.  I plugged in my iPod touch to charge it... yes I have an iPod touch.  (I like it for it's PDA features.  I'm a bit OCD when it come to having my calender up to date.) and decided to try out the 'Podcast' feature that I've avoided for several years now because I didn't know what the hell it was.  The first podcast iTunes decides I'd be interested in is 'Philosophy Bites'.  I'm generally not a fan of philosophy.  If the discipline had a flavor, I think it'd taste like cardboard.  Mmmm cardboard.  Yummy.  iTunes clearly does not know me, either that or I have the music taste of a philosopher.  As if there was a taste for a group of people.  I hope I never get lumped in with Botanists.  Damn treehugging hippies... oh wait... perhaps thats accurate...  Any way, I'm in LOVE with this podcast... not because of the content, but because of the broadcasters having British accents!  I have no idea what they were talking about, I can't focus on anything they're saying.  But I've really enjoyed giggling over how cute their accents are.  I'm an awful person and will probably spend some time in philosophy hell to make up for this.  

I wonder what philosophy hell is like... probably logic over and over and over again.  If A then B... if B then C... if C then A? Therefore, Liz must be a dumbass.  Painful elaboration of the obvious.
Yes that sounds about like the course I took.

Never fear, I have subscribed into several podcasts that I'd find useful and/or interesting... since I'm listening to Philosophy Bites for kicks and giggles (literally).  The only beef I have so far is how they've mainstreamed 'green' issues.  It feels very sterile and apolitical.  Meh...  I'll give it a chance before truly passing judgement.

Liz's Pilot Podcasts:
Th Onion
Real Time with Bill Maher

As I was listening to Grist... this came up:
"Stick that in your cost benefit analysis and smoke it!"  - Concerned scientist letting policy makers know that smog is indeed an environmental concern.  

What a BAMF (Bad Ass Mutha Fucka!)!  I'm totally using that in my next argument.  Now I can switch it up with 'Suck it'.  Oh person!  I'm in love.

Back to the grind... I swear I'm being more productive than this.

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Erin said...

okay you are really good at this consistency thing. I on the other hand suck at it, love reading your adventures and thoughts. Try Fresh Air if you can just pick one NPR show. Oh terry gross I love thee.
Any way I have a response to our experiments mentioned below, but Colin is kicking me off the computer and I have to sew a bag for storing wool.
Hang in there sweetie just two more days and then you are done and free to play a bit more.