Thursday, May 1, 2008

may day! may day! I'm hit!

One month from today, I'll be updating from New Delhi, India. Holy mother of squirrels, this might actually happen... assuming I get things worked out with the International Center accountant and am able to pay my fees. The bi-otch won't call me back. I hate hate hate getting blown off. Pisses me off like no other. I turn into a crazy woman when I think I'm being ignored, like parakeets when you get them wet. Angry little creatures. Plus, what the hell were they thinking trying to make me do all this during finals! JERKS to the nth degree... yeah I just called UF an infinite jerk. I feel its appropriate for so many reasons right now. They've abused our relationship this term. Budget cuts my ass. I wouldn't even be stressing if they had just given me a scholarship or the grant I applied for. I didn't want both, but one or the other would have been peachy. I'm fixin to dump UF like the bad partner it is. grrrrrr.....

I'm a bit tense today. Kinda awesome though that I've managed to remain calm until the last 24 hours of finals... I'm quite impressed with myself. Normally I have some sort of break down during the week leading up. Thank you anxiety medication. You rock my world.

This time tomorrow, I'm done. Sweet baby jesus! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel... and there's a beer with my name on it!

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