Saturday, May 3, 2008

tail feathers

I came home today after spending a wonderful evening with Erin to find blood and feathers everywhere.  I freaked the fuck out.  No other way to describe it.  I get very defensive over my pride and joy.  He's my world, my child, my best friend, and worst enemy.  When birdface wouldn't let me touch him, I burst into tears and cried as I tried to make sure he wasn't still bleeding.  birdface came hopping over and cooed softly when he realized I was so upset.  He loves me in his own round about way.  Why should he be different than any other man in my life?  

He's fine, but has no tail feathers.  

I checked to see if perhaps he had flown into the fan while I was out, but the fan wasn't on.  It took me a while, but after thinking about it, the only explanation I can come up with is that he pulled them out himself.  sweety did that one time after my mom's dog almost caught her.  Jdawg and dog came over today... and after about an hour of waiting, watching and practice, dog almost caught birdface.  Got a feather or two, but nothing major.  No reason for me to get upset or worry.  birdface on the other hand must have been pissed.   Crazy little dude ripped his own feathers out of his own ass because he was mad!  That's some bad ass smack talk.  birdface basically said bring it on mutha fucka!  Bring.  It.  ON!   Ding ding!  Round two?  

I just wish he wouldn't have done it while I was gone.  I hate coming home to a clump of feathers and blood.  Almost as bad as when he got stuck in the fly paper at my old apartment.  Oh birdface!  Keeping me on my toes.

The upside... I have a bunch of new cool feathers to play with.  Compliments of dog.

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Erin said...

oh poor birdface! BAMF...