Friday, May 23, 2008

yarn, loons, and memories

I really like this image.  The one of the scarf more so than the loafers.  The color and texture of the yarn are calming.  The slight blur is also very beautiful and makes the image warm despite the cold slate blue.  It makes me think of the cool crisp mornings at the cottage in northern Michigan when I was little.  I'd get up early to the sound of the loons singing out on the lake.  I'd bundle up in my Papa's red flannel shirt which was big enough to cover most of my tiny body.  Quietly I'd creep downstairs and sit in the chilled living room and stare out at the misty lake.  Many times you couldn't make out anything on the lake, but knew the loons were there.  Welcoming the brand new day with their eerie call.

I still wear Papa's flannel in the winter.  It only covers down to my thighs now.  I didn't realize how much I missed the loons until I saw this polaroid.  I hope they're still out there singing on the lake.

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