Tuesday, May 13, 2008

india presentation

My grandparents called my mother today and yelled at her because India is close to Myanmar (aka Burma) and thus is unsafe (according to them) for me to be traveling near.  They are also unhappy that I'm going to be near "those damn commy Chinese" and Pakistan.  Of course my mother passed the buck and confronted me about this.  Saying quote "You're lucky I'm not picking you up from the airport because after dealing with your grandparents for six weeks, I might have to kick your ass for leaving the country."  Oh my family's logic is astounding.  My comment was that it is too late to back out now.  The fees and tickets are nonrefundable.  Lucky me.  We're currently trying to edit the borders of the map of India and keeping our fingers crossed that we catch them on a "crazy" day.  They watch FOX News.  I don't feel bad about giving them half truths.  I never thought I'd have to do projects once my parents had accepted that I was going, but I'm going to put together a presentation for the grandrents for piece of mind.  Fingers crossed they'll be so overloaded, they'll just be speechless.  Speechlessness is an effect rarely seen in my clan and is quite a lofty goal.  Toes also crossed.

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Erin said...

add twenty toes to that.

Tommy says "damn, poor girl"