Thursday, May 22, 2008

george and laura

Last night I was making dinner for my grandparents.  Heating up leftovers really.  Nothing fancy, nothing strange.  Grandma was giving me instructions on how to use microwaves and where to find things in her kitchen.  Nothing in her kitchen has moved in years; everything is where it has been my entire life.  The microwave is also rather standard... and I've been known to be quite a wiz with a microwave.  Just sayin'.  

I went to get a pot holder out to grab a plate and there, staring up at me, was the President of the United States and First Lady.

In calender form.  
In the kitchen drawer with the pot holders.  

I giggled to myself and slyly glanced around.  I'd reverted back to the mischievous little girl I'd been long ago in that very kitchen.  I had something I wasn't suppose to.  Grandma's attention has been turned elsewhere, giving me ample time to pick up the interesting specimen and quietly flip through.  Who would want 12 different picture of the Georgie-poo?  Who would want one really aside from maybe his mother, George Washington (aka Barbara Bush)?  Each month was slightly more hilarious than the previous.  I flipped to the back: Compliments of the Republican Party.  

George W. and Laura Bush.  Mass produced in calender packaging.  Smiling stupidly at the American People.  Not even my Grandma, GOP card carrying member since 1948, put that thing up in her home.
It's in the kitchen drawer, with the pot holders.

Perhaps there is a god.  It wasn't on the wall.

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