Tuesday, May 20, 2008

adventure to the great (not so) white north

We're being sent to visit family since we haven't seen some of them in several years.  A living, breathing, care-package.  My sister and I are somewhat looking forward, somewhat nervous.  Our grandparents, my mother's parents, are quite old and batty.  My mom being 3rd out of 4.  My Aunt called today to give us a heads up since Grandma's status was 'saucy' as of  this afternoon.  The Incredible Shrinking Woman!  Delightful.  Terrifying.  Always Entertaining.  The cockroach who will out live us all.  All that will be left after the nuclear fall out:  Grandma, Keith Richards, and cockroaches.  

We're also been charged with the task of figuring out how to get around Kalamazoo Michigan without a map and without help from a lucid navigator.  I smell an adventure in the making.  Our mission: report back with details of well-being and our sanity if at all possible.  Come!  Venture into the Heart of Crazy!  In the crumbling economy that is the remains of the auto industry.

I joke mostly to keep from crying.  This could easily be the last time I see them.

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