Monday, April 21, 2008

Jewish Adventures

This weekend was my first experience with a Passover Seder.  I  must say, I feel much much less culturally ignorant.  I went to Titusville, Florida with my dear friend LBG(TQ) (since this is open to any internet surfer, I'll consistently use abbreviations or nicknames for friends to protect their identities).  Titusville is an interesting place... sort of.  It's a sleepy little town with some very unique places, perfect for a afternoon adventure.  LBG(TQ)'s family was intense, but wonderfully warm and welcoming.  Dr. G (LBG(TQ)'s dad) was quirky and hilarious... I now know where LBG(TQ) gets it, and her mom made me feel like one of her own.  While there isn't too much to report since most Seders are quite standard, this one was note worthy because it was my first.  

Some things I learned/observed:  Traditional Jewish cuisine is quite gross, which is not a reflection on the family's cooking abilities (I know all too well that LBG(TQ) can cook like no other, and so can her mom), and Hebrew is a flemy sounding language.


Sunday I went with Erin to the Friends of the Library (FOL) sale back in Gainesville.  This year was even more incredible than the previous.  I ended up getting a wide variety of educational and fun old books for $12.  I feel like each item ended up around $0.50 each.  Wicked cool.  The FOL sale happens twice a year and is held in this huge warehouse off of Main Street.  The proceeds go to the Alachua County Library system and the books are all either old, overflow, and/or donations.  Perusing the warehouse is like being on a treasure hunt.  Everyone is excitedly digging through shelves, stacks, and crates of treasures in search for something that strikes their fancy.  Erin is really good at the digging and discovery of beautiful old treasures and was kind enough to share some of her finds with me.  Perhaps with practice, I too will become a talented book pirate.  

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