Saturday, June 20, 2009

everyday is an adventure

Yesterday was subtly beautiful.  I started my day by sleeping late.  Yep.  I slept until eleven, and laid in bed with no sense of urgency or motivation to move until noon.  Probably the first night I've gotten more than 5 hours of sleep in quite a while.  I was tickled.  Birdface and sweety were irritated.  Apparently they are not into sleeping late.  Sigh.  They've taken to making very angry parakeet noises lately.  The kind I can only imagine them making if they were being tortured.  I've witnessed them while they make the horrid screeching.  They sit on their perch, look at me, and proceed to let it all come out.  Completely unprovoked.  I think they're mad at me for something.  The reason remains a mystery.  

Later that day I drove around the Duckpond in Gainesville.  I'd really like to live over there if I can.  I'll keep my fingers crossed.  I ended up stopping in to play with Erin.  Much needed.  I forgot how much fun we always have together.  I was so relaxed and happy.  She let me spin on her wheel, Mr. Spinny  (I think that's what Ruth calls it...).  So nice.  Once I make some money from the job thing I'm gonna get me a spinning wheel.  It was so lovely.  I stayed for dinner with the crew and finally met the infamous Tim.  I've met Ruth several times, and always thought she was pretty spiffy.  Tim is equally spiffy.  Both are highly talented artists, makers, and kite builders.  

I must admit, I've been reading Ruth and Tim's blogs for a while now.  I felt like a creepy internet stalker as I disclosed my admiration for their work... but whatever.  They seemed ok with the fact that I've done so.  That's why blogs/sites are there right?  Check out their site WindFire Designs, and blogs WindFire Designs: Studio blog, and Instances of Make.  I hope to get to know them both better in the coming months and maybe even get a closer look at more of their work.  Some day, I might even get a kite... 

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