Sunday, June 7, 2009

alfred ring park

I apologize that the pictures from this trip are not nearly as spectacular as the previous trips, but I spent a better part of the time fighting with my camera.  We had some words.  We've slept apart for several days.  And I think we've made up.  I also reformatted it.  Bwhahaha.  I win.  When all else fails, play dirty.

I've also discovered that I'm becoming stranger rather quickly.  I talk to inanimate objects as if they were people, more often than I actually talk to other real, living, breathing humans.  I have rekindled my long term, passionate, relationship with ice cream.  It might be a bit more desperate than last time.  I'd rather eat a bowl of ice cream than interact with other humans.  I've been watching CSPAN.  On a Saturday night.  And drinking a glass of wine while watching the parakeets.  I  have developed voices for both Pinkie and the Brain.  The Brain didn't used to have a distinct voice.  But now she does.  And the two have conversations.  Aloud.  

All attempts to unleash the crazy slowly are failing.  It's coming in waves.  Much like the rain/monsoons.

Cercis canadensis (Souther Redbud)

Osmunda cinnamomea (Cinnamon fern)

Woodwardia areolata (Netted chain fern)

Hogtown Creek (Gainesville, FL)

Critter I was more interested in than the plant we found it on.  So cute and sleepy. 
Upon further investigation, thanks to some help from Erin and What's That Bug?, I've determined its Narcus sp. (sp. meaning species, or unknown variety).  I'm almost certain its in the same family/genus with the Great American Millipede.  All efforts to get it to roll into a ball failed.  Perhaps I'm part millipede.  That is my defense mechanism.

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Erin Curry said...

millipede? don't eat it.

oh yea and um you've always spoken to inanimate things as if they were real. . .but keri smith says it's okay.