Saturday, June 13, 2009

little june buggy

I've been noticing recently an abundance of this particular species of beetle's carcasses littering the stairwell of my apartment.  I finally broke down and attempted to figure out what it was.  A friend of mine used his divine internet skills to ID it.  My little june bug friends are just that.  Spotted June beetles (Pelidnota punctata).

For some reason all I do when I see them is sing The Presidents of the United States of America song, Dune Buggy.  Except I change one letter.  That's right.  I modify the song to June Buggy.  Every time I get a quick flashback to... well... 1995.  We had their first album on tape.  Yep.  Tape.  We knew all the words.  My sister probably still does. 


Jes said...

Oh yes, my lovely sister. I do still know the words. Great song! :)

Liz said...

I miss you. Do you want me to send you one so you have an excuse to sing too? ;)